Biwer and Associates began business in the late 1970’s as CMS Systems, an IT service arm of a Milwaukee based accounting firm.  The original charter of the firm was to provide business application software to the clients of that accounting firm, including Order Processing, Inventory, Accounts Receivable, and Accounting packages.

In 1983, the company was asked to develop a milk payroll system for a cheese client as an addition to the original software packages provided by the company.  This application became an entree into a true niche market for the organization.

As software technologies matured, and as ERP offerings began to encompass general business application software, Biwer made a strategic decision to focus its operations on solutions to manage commodity sourcing, traceability, and milk producer settlement.  In the mid 90’s, Biwer developed an Oracle based Milk Procurement Information System (MPIS) to manage all aspects of milk producer payroll services, including paying haulers, as well as other 3rd party assignments and banking functions (advances, deductions, special programs).

In the late 90’s, Biwer extended the reach of their software beyond the dairy industry with the development of the CPS application, providing highly configurable calculations and business rules.  As of today, CPS has been configured to manage the procurement and contracting process of over 25 unique commodities as well as the related workflows such as receiving, forecasting and crop traceability.