Biwer applications have established a favorable niche in providing flexible solutions within broad-based ERP solutions. With unparalleled design and structure, we allow for complex and changing business requirements within each application that are supported through unique configurations for your business — and no else’s. This strategy provides a tailored solution to each client, with flexibility for the future, while allowing the ERP solution to continue to function the way it was designed to. This means that you’re ready to manage the demands for today as well as those challenges that lie ahead.

How we do this

  1. We continually provide robust applications that incorporate technological advances as soon as they’ve been proven within the industry.
  2. Continue to improve the Inventory Control Power and Safety (ICPS) functionality that helps make sure of adequate supply without excessive oversupply in the commodity supply chain.
  3. Grow our existing client base both domestically and internationally by expanding our services and resources including relationships with key software partners.
  4. This includes development and enhancements to further support multicurrency and foreign languages.
  5. Streamline our implementation of solutions by developing more efficient starting points for each industry we serve.
  6. Look for ways to partner with our clients to gain a deeper understanding of their markets so our niche applications can better serve their needs. This unique perspective results in innovative applications for our clients that lead to long-term business relationships.