A quarter century of evolution

Biwer has been providing payment solutions to the dairy industry for over a quarter century. Our first-generation software provided tools for small- and medium-sized operations. Our focus was sales order processing, inventory, financials, and dairy farmer payroll.

Since then, our applications have grown to an integrated suite of products accommodating a variety of business needs, accounting for regional differences in farm definition, data collection, laboratory standards, and reporting.

Many of our dairy cooperative clients require Member Services functionality. Our strength lies in our ability to integrate new technologies with your existing applications. We deliver a powerful suite of web-based, dairy industry software solutions.

From farm tank to plant silo

Our Dairy Suite accommodates the very specialized operations of milk procurement, traceability, load accountability, and settlement. We track raw milk from the farm tank to the plant silo. Included in the Dairy Suite are:

  • Milk Procurement Information System (MPIS)
  • Commodity Procurement System (CPS)
  • Member Equity
  • Lab
  • Handler Billing
  • Hauler Payroll
  • Load Scheduling
  • Web Portal

Learn more about our Milk Procurement Information System – MPIS

Our clients include: