Biwer’s Commodity Procurement System (CPS) is designed to manage the raw materials supply chain; specifically the sourcing, contracting, traceability and settlement of commodities sourced directly from growers or company owned land.

Biwer’s solution manages over 25 different commodity workflows and is flexible enough to model the unique business processes of each of our clients, all while utilizing a standardized, proven application.

Competitive Advantages

  • Accurate Settlement and Reporting
  • Improved Buying and Contracting
  • Incorporation of Best Practices
  • Ability to quickly configure system to match new changes to the business process
  • Complete Audit Trail
  • Seamless Integration to outside systems

Key Features

  • User definable grading attributes, pricing rules and period lengths
  • Capability to stand alone or integrate with existing legacy applications
  • Easily manage complex formula, grid or matrix pricing
  • Secure web access
  • Full access to data for reporting
  • Interface options with outside systems scales, lab, financials
  • Lab tracking / quality control tests
  • Pay for performance, incentives / reimbursements
  • Mandatory Reporting
  • Special calculations; including equity

Key Benefits

  • Complete flexibility to handle constant changes that affect contracting and procurement
  • Scalable to any organization size
  • Custom configurations allow client to incorporate their unique business processes
  • Provides the ability to to conduct Ad Hoc reporting
  • Information dashboards and “What if” analysis
  • Forecasting of crop deliveries
  • Securely, quickly and easily communicate with producers, buyers, and interested parties through web based statements, payments, and dashboards

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