Today’s challenging business climate has cooperatives looking for opportunities to maximize service and value to their members.

One component that is critical in keeping the organizations’ viable, competitive and growing are robust business software applications that can effectively manage the co-ops’ equity.

The Biwer Equity Accounting System has the capability to stand alone, integrate with Biwer’s Commodity Procurement System, or integrate to existing legacy applications.

The Equity Accounting System manages the complete equity tracking and reporting process of the cooperative.
The Equity Accounting System has the ability to mirror the business rules and processes of the co-op through simple software configurations.

Capital Retains Plans

  • Base Capital
  • Qualified Allocations
  • Direct Investment
  • Retained Patronage Refunds
  • Per Unit Capital Retains
  • Non Qualified Allocations

Key Features

  • Tracks Origination of Equity
  • Quickly Manages Equity Transfers
  • Has flexibility to manage Redemptions: Revolvement, Special Redemptions
  • Calculates Patronage, Retains and Allocation
  • Feeds data for 1099 Tax Reporting, EFT
  • Manages Estate and Retirement Payments
  • Tracks Member and Non Member Accounts
  • Provides Ability to Manage Political Areas and Voting Rights
  • Is scalable to manage co-ops with thousands of members

Key Benefits

  • Delivers complete flexibility to handle changes to business rules that define equity
  • Integrates fully to Biwer’s suite of solutions for source transactions or to existing legacy applications.
  • Configurability of the Equity Accounting System provides both management and the board with an ability to conduct Ad Hoc reporting, dashboards and “What if” analysis
  • Allows for quick, easy and secure communication with owners through web-based statements and dashboard views of information

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