We have captured and streamlined operations with some of the world’s leading food and agricultural companies, which include large cooperatives, vegetable operations, fruit processors, grain marketers, dairies, and livestock packing companies.

No matter the industry, our applications provide the following benefits. You can:

  • Increase value for your commodity and differentiate your organization from the competition using CPS’s complete visibility into your supply chain
  • Streamline your receiving process while providing greater flexibility for crop delivery and load scheduling; CPS facilitates direct connection to scales, bar codes, and other input methods
  • Replace unwieldy spreadsheets with a single system
  • Consolidate your data to deliver accurate planning and forecasting
  • Make transactions visible across your organization in real-time
  • Improve management decision-making with key information dashboards showing accurate costing information and financial reporting
  • Create what-if scenarios to develop cost models and projections
  • Increase IT productivity. Modifications in CPS are made with configurations, not customizations; no hard coding is required, saving weeks or even months of programming
  • Integrate with third-party and legacy systems
  • Better manage crucial relationships with suppliers, haulers, harvesters, land, property blocks, etc.
  • Optimize the quantity, quality, and timeliness of supplier productivity
  • Drive suppliers to deliver your preferred commodities
  • Separate job functions with role-based control and audit tracking; CPS complies with Sarbanes-Oxley standards
  • CPS is the supply chain “sub-ledger.” Managing the inherent complexities of grower payment/procurement within CPS allows the ERP systems to be implemented at standard, avoiding costly customization.