Providing a hub for real-time workflow data

Our Commodity Procurement System (CPS) Portal provides secure web-based services to clients of the system. Integrated with Biwer’s flagship “CPS”, the portal acts as an access point for the information and business logic configured within the application. This provides users, other applications or other businesses access to authorized real-time data, enabling a wide range of workflow-related interaction.

Typically, our CPS enables the procurement workflow – managing growers, harvest receipts, value calculations for payment, etc… Because CPS is the system of record for this data, it has become increasingly critical to share information along the supply chain, requiring a service-oriented approach to application interaction. Our CPS Portal provides that access point for authorized users.

While the Portal is integrated with CPS, it can also share information from other systems. Built over a Tomcat Application Server, the portal can access any JDBC-enabled database as a data-source. For example, let’s say that inventory information exists in one application, order information in another and grower estimates in Biwer’s CPS. The portal can be used as a dashboard to bring together these three points of data.