Transparency throughout

One of the key benefits of using CPS is the ability to model the ever-changing business rules and processes of diverse clients and markets. For example, our application allows for a coordinated grower payment and procurement system that provides total visibility to data for not only the customer, but the grower or supplier, the field staff and management.

The major areas that CPS Procurement Workflow covers include:

  1. Profiles: Offers suppliers and customers detailed visibility of the attributes or characteristics related to each farm or grower. These characteristics can be defined by each client and include everything from commodity-type and production history, to spray records and crop estimates and more.
  2. Contracts: Biwer’s CPS provides a dynamic method for allowing contract agreements to be easily configured using your business rules, payments structures, processes and internal systems.
  3. Delivery Receipts:  Provides the necessary detail for the receipt record and final traceablity of product. It also shares information on other systems including inventory, sales order processing, and manufacturing, fulfillment and quality assurance. The entire process starts with the delivery receipt information, which is used as the “source transaction.”
  4. Statements and Reports: These can be generated with numerous options quickly and seamlessly in order to automate and streamline service. Biwer’s CPS keeps everyone involved in the process updated on daily commodity deliveries with detailed reports and statements.
  5. CPS Portal and Data Access: Biwer’s CPS delivers “What if” analysis and Ad Hoc reporting using the CPS Portal. This means that new pay scenarios can be set-up and tested using actual receipt data, without having to disrupt current payment calculations. This gives you the opportunity to review and understand the impact of proposed changes before they’re put in place. The Portal also functions as a web series engine for integration to outside systems, including all the major ERP solutions.