We help create a smarter supply chain

The Biwer Commodity Procurement System (CPS) is our flagship software application. Using the most up-to-date technology, CPS provides an unprecedented level of functionality within the commodity sourcing, contracting and settlement workflow.

CPS manages detailed grower information, provides fine grained access to receipt information (quality and costing data), models forecasting and pricing scenarios, manages aspects of commodity traceability and enables web service and web portal functionality.

Complex businesses need flexibility

Regardless of complexity, CPS has the ability to conform to any payment scenario and mimic your business structure and processes making it extremely flexible. These are just some of the areas it manages:

  • Crop Projections
  • Deductions
  • Definable Payment Periods
  • Dockage Adjustments
  • Equity Calculations
  • Formula / Matrix Pricing
  • Government Reporting
  • Grower / Producer Profiles
  • Grower Contracts
  • Harvest Management
  • Incentives / Reimbursements
  • Industry-Specific Forecasting Models
  • Lab Tracking / Quality Control Tests
  • Plant Optimization
  • Price Support Eligibility / Value Calculations
  • Ranch / Block / Property Tracking
  • User-Defined Pricing Rules / External Pricing Structures

A powerful backend that’s scalable

Our CPS runs on the most advanced and up-to-date Oracle Database including Oracle, Linux, in addition to supporting Exadata Database Machine. We also ensure that CPS is scalable within an integrated Oracle environment by using their Exastack Ready application.

This means that we provide an industry-leading backend infrastructure in combination with our CPS design. The result is that it allows companies with diverse operations to run their entire enterprise in a single standardized application while meeting their day-to-day demands.

More importantly, our CPS is designed to be fully extendable and configurable while leveraging of your internal staff and their existing skills, saving both time and money as your needs change.