Scalable solutions for dairy operations

Biwer’s Milk Procurement Information System (MPIS) was developed to manage the needs of medium to large dairy organizations. Our MPIS has been designed to manage the functional requirements as well as the many different types of calculations related to the procurement of dairy commodities. Several complex payment methods have been addressed including;

  • Load accountability
  • Butterfat pricing
  • Yield formulas
  • Component pricing
  • Lab / Quality testing
  • Farm deductions
  • Hauler payment
  • Assignments
  • Milk intake and load scheduling
  • Federal Order reporting / Quotas

MPIS 10.7 runs on Oracle Database 11gR2, Oracle Linux 5.5 and can support Oracle Exadata Database Machine.

Our MPIS is an Oracle Exastack-ready application. This allows Biwer and Associates partners in the dairy industry to deploy our MPIS in an integrated Oracle infrastructure. This also ensures that it is ready for deployment in scalable and high-performance Oracle environments.

Other Features

Fluid navigating of complex information

The capabilities found within Biwer’s MPIS application range from managing farm profile information (including the complex relationships between the producers) to the tracking of farm milk for complete load accountability, check generation and government reporting.

Our MPIS application also handles activities related to bulk raw product procurement, including the settlement for bulk loads of milk and other manufactured products (cream, whey, UF Milk, etc.) between dairy organizations. The basis for this solution is a highly-configurable application that is able to manage the content of these bulk agreements, as well as provide the necessary linkage to other third-party solutions that are in place.

Biwer’s MPIS application also provides the ERP with a complete and detailed view of the milk supply, while providing a complete picture of sources and utilizations for federal order reporting.