Bringing value to the patron

Biwer has worked with some of the most respected cooperatives throughout the country.

We understand the patronage accounting business processes. Our experience in working with a wide variety of cooperatives in different industries allows us to understand the subtleties of the business needs and related data flows that most customers think are unique to them.

Our streamlined onboarding and software setup process relies on the careful definition of the business rules and exceptions that all customers have.

The application has been designed to be scalable with tremendous flexibility for changes that are inherent in the patronage arena.

Cooperatives and their owners

Key Benefits

  • Delivers a planning tool for the Board by using the configurable calculation engine of the Patronage Accounting System to provide Ad Hoc reporting, benchmarking, dashboards, and “What if” analysis for key decisions
  • Flexibility to handle sudden changes to business rules that impact calculations of patronage
  • Generation of patronage accounting can be done at the transactional or summary levels
  • Web Services integration to ERP systems for source transactions
  • Provides for an automated process of patron accounting and statement generation
  • Delivers a complete Separation of Duties and Audit Trail with role-based security
  • Allows for real time, secure communication with Patrons through web-based statements and dashboard views that can be displayed through the Patronage Accounting portal

Key Features

  • Tracks Member and Non-Member account types
  • Records Origination of Equity from an unlimited number of Products, Divisions, or Regions
  • On-screen sorting, filtering, look-up with various “User Preferences” including data export to Excel and PDF
  • Accurately manages Equity Transfers between Members
  • Flexibility to manage Redemptions: Revolvement, Special Redemptions
  • Calculates Patronage, Retains and Allocation
  • Supports Estate and Retirement Payments
  • Scalable solution manages History and Revolvement for the largest co-ops with thousands of members
  • Display Patronage data in easy to understand dashboard views
  • Feeds data for 1099 Tax Reporting and EFT
  • Provides ability to Manage Political Areas and Voting Rights

A Powerful Scalable Framework

Our patronage solutions will run in a SaaS environment utilizing a cloud infrastructure while still being fully configurable and customizable for each client.

This means that we provide an industry-leading solution without the overhead of the three-tier architecture.

Integration to the Enterprise

One of the key benefits of using the Patronage Accounting Solution the ability to integrate to the existing enterprise solutions running within the organization.